woman sitting on boxes with bedbug trying to escape due to extermination of bed bugs by heat treatment

Heat Treatment : a safe and effective solution for Bed Bugs Extermination

Royale Extermination has the good health of their clients in mind, which is why heat treatment is among the solutions used by our team when the time comes to exterminate bed bugs that decided to share their living space.

Of course, the primary mission of Royale Extermination is to relieve you from the unwelcome bugs as quickly as possible. With heat treatment, a single visit is needed to completely take care of the problem. Also, heat treatment is one of the discreet solutions since it uses specialised equipment that simply needs to be rolled inside the house. No need for big trailers or scary tubes hanging out from the second floor’s window! We would not want to put the neighborhood in alert. In conclusion, what is important for Royale Extermination is to offer a 100% natural, without any toxic product, but most of all GUARANTEED solution.

The heat generated by the heat treatment passes through furniture, walls, floors and all the treated environment. It represents no risks for occupants, who will of course be allowed to be present during the treatment, but it is fatal for bed bugs and their little eggs, how sad! In a single visit, the whole colony is eradicated. Goodbye bed bugs, hello joy. The beauty in all this is that the treatment is also guaranteed to be of no risk for immunosuppressed people, for pregnant women, for children or for animals. The extreme heat will even disinfect the treated area. Of course, we recommend doing a little clean up after, but well, you are the boss, we simply are the extermination experts.

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Because we care about your safety, we recommend you to always ask to see your qualified exterminator’s permit and insurance proof. The technicians of Royale Extermination will reassure you with pleasure because they have the MasterHeat certification in addition to the certificates and permits of the Ministry of Environment.

Here are some advantages to choosing heat treatment instead of pesticides!

table representing the comparison between bed bugs extermination by heat treatment vs bed bugs extermination by biopesticides
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