Bed Bugs Extermination Services­č¬│

Royale Extermination
offers you a unique bed bugs extermination service!

The Royale Extermination team will arrive with unmarked vehicles to avoid any alert in the neighborhood. All used devices are also more than discreet and do not require you to barricade your house as if you were in the process of a nuclear decontamination! Your health and privacy are our priorities.

royal extermination exterminator ready to perform bed bugs extermination services

Bed Bugs Extermination by canine detection

Canine detection consists in calling over a dog handler and his dog specially trained to detect bed bug presence. If the bed bugs are dead, the dog will walk past, but if they are alive, he will sit down to signal it. It is a good way to treat the right place and to discover the root of the problem efficiently.


Bed Bugs Extermination by heat treatment

The Royale Extermination team will arrive with equipment approved by the Ministry of Environment. Needing little space and letting you stay home in the meantime, heat treatment offers an extermination in one visit, guaranteed. All our technicians have received the MasterHeat certification!


Bed Bugs Extermination by biopesticides

With no risk for the family, even for cats and dogs, with no need for preparation and with a very eco-friendly approach, biopesticides are an excellent option. It is fatal for bed bugs because they will contaminate the others after the first contact with the product. Offering a residual effect for 3 months, the biopesticide is an excellent preventive treatment.


Bed Bugs Extermination by traditional treatment

Traditional treatment consists in the application of a pesticide treatment, which requires a lot of preparation, molding removal, putting clothes in garbage bags and leaving the treated building for some time. If needed, you might have to throw away mattresses, sofas and maybe even some furniture. Plan for many visits and for a place for your domestic animals.

red graph and drawing of a bed bug to image the reproduction of bed bugs over time
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