royale extermination exterminators with their sniffing dog for the canine detection of bed bugs

Canine Detection : An efficient solution to make sure that a Bed Bugs Extermination is needed

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but also excellent workers. Known for their capacities for great adaptation and fast learning in large amounts, dogs are man’s ideal allies. For this reason, with their undeceivable nose, dogs are trained to recognize all kinds of smells, including the smell of bed bugs and their eggs. If they are dead, the dog will walk past them. However, if they are alive, the dog will find every little trace and warn the accompanying dog handler of their presence by sitting down.

Ask Walker
what he thinks of Canine Detection

No matter if it is to find the root of the problem in the house to only treat the infested room or to do preventive work for hotels, public transport services, companies, property managers, low-rent housing, nursing homes or hospitals, dogs will work with the same vigor.

When infested, choose the complete solution. Call for a dog handler and his loyal companion before using heat treatment and then biopesticides. It is the best way to treat the root of the problem efficiently and avoid bad surprises. Bed bugs have a frightful capacity and rhythm of reproduction. You would not wish to wake up 3 weeks later and have to do it all over again!

Walker the sniffing dog from Royale Extermination used for canine detection of bedbugs
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