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Biopesticides : A quick and affordable solution for bed bugs extermination

Biopesticide is the last step used for an extermination call at Royale Extermination.

All our works start with the dog handler performing a canine bed bug detection, followed by heat treatment, and then the use of biopesticides.

Biopesticides work on the same principle as a virus for bed bugs. Once the treatment is vapourized, bed bugs will come to soak up in the product and then return in their nest and transmit it to the other bed bugs present. Of course, this process takes a little more time to be effective, but it is not a bad thing. The longer bed bugs stay alive, the more chance they have to infect others with the biopesticide. We estimate a 5 days of survival in the presence of biopesticide.

This biopesticide is made of a fungicide base, which leaves a residual for about 3 months. Only one visit is normally required to eliminate a bed bug infestation. It means about 3 weeks to completely eradicate the infestation. Biopesticide is also an excellent preventive product.


No need to dilute,
the product is ready to be used

Bed bugs infect
the others with the product

A three months residual effect
makes a proactive treatment

The advantages of using biopesticides over
chemical products for a bed bug extermination

Because Royale Extermination chose to evolve to revolutionize the extermination world. We are one of the only companies of Quebec to offer this treatment. Traditional chemical products require at least 2 to 3 visits from a technician to reapply the treatment. You also need to prepare the room so the extermination team can work. You have to empty all drawers and place all clothes in the dryer so you can then leave them in garbage bags until the problem is resolved.

That is not all, in addition to many preparations, occupants need to leave the premises for a long period of time. Studies also show that bed bugs have developed a resistance against the active ingredient found in the most used products by exterminators. Bed bugs will then attempt to flee and will spread in other rooms or, even worse, in other apartments. For this reason, the whole living space and adjacent apartments need to be treated when using traditional pesticides. Do not forget about your furry friends when using the services of exterminators. Traditional pesticides are dangerous for them because of their high concentration of pyrethrin.

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