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Thanks to our professional exterminators, say goodbye to bed bugs with a single visit!

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Having a bed bugs problem?
Do not worry, we are here to help you!

Bed bugs extermination for landlords

Do not let bed bugs become residents of your property, call for our team to drive them out quickly and smoothly.

Royale Extermination heat treatment and bio-pesticides

You choose an IMMEDIATE solution with no risks for you or your cats and dogs. Because with Royale Extermination, nothing and no one is left behind.


Bed bugs extermination for tenants

Fulfill your duty by warning the owner of the property and giving them our number to get rid of the problem quickly and go back to being the only tenant of your home. You are done with the flatmates years, right?

Royale Extermination exterminators, ready to do a bed bugs extermination with bio-pesticides and heat treatment

Discover the story behind
Royale Extermination

Royale Extermination has officially existed for a few years, but our story with bed bugs started during the summer of my 15 years. Looking for a summer job and mostly for some pocket money, I found the perfect job: dog walker. The link? My ‘’boss’’ at the time was a dog handler for an extermination company and he had to do canine bed bugs detection. You might think, yes, and? Mister Dog Handler hurt his knee during summer, so I decided to follow him on his inspections to help him move furniture and do all the other things that come with it. By the end of that summer, I had become an expert in bed bugs detection. Many summers followed, I worked for heat extermination companies, and it made me happy to be able to offer a solution to worried people, to be their savior. The only problem I saw, that went against my values, because we all know that nothing is perfect, is that no company offered excellent customer service. It is why Royale Extermination came to be, I decided to go for it, with the help of Mister Dog Handler, since he is the one who gave me the passion and all my knowledge.

Bed bugs canine detection

Meet Bob, our determined spaniel, for whom bed bugs have no secrets. For Bob, coming in to work is like going to the dog park, he makes sure to smell EVERYTHING and to find any trace of bed bugs. Him and his dog handler friend make an incredible duo, and they resolve the mystery of the root of the contamination in no time so we can start the Royale extermination!

royale extermination dog for bed bugs canine detection

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